Ratings and Endorsements Offered

Discovery Flights

Get a first hand taste of what it’s like to fly on your own!! A Cloud 9 Flight Training instructor will guide you through your first flight, giving you a great introduction to what it’s like to pilot your own aircraft.
$100/30 minute flight


A. Private Pilot
B. Commercial Pilot
C. Instrument Pilot
D. Certified Flight Instructor
E. Certified Flight Instructor Instrument


A. High Performance – endorsement to fly aircraft over 200HP
B. Complex – endorsement to fly aircraft with retractable gear, flaps, and constant speed prop.
C. Tail Wheel (in your aircraft) – endorsement to fly tail wheel aircraft.
Cost for instruction – $50-$60/hour, depending on rating/endorsement sought and instructor.


Mason-Jewett Airport (KTEW): Main Hangar, Office, Classroom
Charlotte Fitch Beach Airport (KFPK): Main Hangar, Office, Classroom
Cloud 9 East Airport (MI26): Maintenance Facility


Cessna SkyHawk 172XP – 210 HP fixed gear aircraft with constant speed prop. Garmin 430 WAAS as well as a standard VFR/IFR instrument package and dual radio package. High Performance and IFR certified. $150/hour wet.
Cessna Cutlass 172RG – 180 HP, retractable gear, constant speed prop, Garmin 430 WAAS as well as a standard VFR/IFR instrument and dual radio package. $150/hour wet.

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Mason-Jewett Airport (KTEW)

659 B Airport Drive

Mason, MI  48854

248-921-0093 (office)

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